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Friday, September 21, 2007


From: Musenge Solomon -

Dear Friend,

I am Mr. Solomon Musenge, Auditor, foreign remittance of a reputable bank
here in South Africa. As the Auditor in charge of foreign remittance The,
i have been requested by management of my bank to provide complete details
of the next of kin to the late Mr. Eugene Dzigurski, an American. He has
been confirmed to have passed away since 2002 in an air crash along with
his only Daughter, named as the next of kin in his account documents with
our bank. In accordance with South African Laws, these funds will go to
the government account as, foreign unclaimed bills. I do not mind this
according to bank protocol, but i see it as an opportunity with all
documents and records that i and my accountants have, we could nominate a
foreigner as the business partner to the late Mr. Eugene Dzigurski and
transfer the funds overseas. I am contacting you as a foreigner because
this fund cannot be approved to a local Bank here in South Africa, as the
funds are in US Dollars and asking for your indulgence in this deal to
transfer to your foreign account. The full amount to be transferred is

I am proposing 30% for your assistance while my colleagues and I will
receive 60% and 10% earmarked for purposes of expenses. We have also set
aside some funds to cover any financia requirement during transaction of
this deal. Should you be interested in this business transaction, which i
sincerely appreciate and hope that you will. kindly provide me with the
below information to commence claims:

(1) Your personal telephone number
(2) Fax number
(3) Full Names
(4) Age
(5) Company, if any
(6) Residential Address

On receipt of your acceptance and the above information, you will be
communicated with the exact steps to take, to enable us conclude this
transaction urgently and confidentially. Please reply me on my
confidential email on:

S. Musenge