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Friday, September 21, 2007

Regarding Late George Klose

From: Chris Ike -

Dear Sir,

I know this message will come to you as a big surprise because we have not met before, but please do not mistake this for a junk mail for this is for real.

My name is Chris Ike i am the personal assistant to the late Mr. George Klose. My late boss Mr. Klose Spent all his life here in Lagos Nigeria. He was one of the richest contractors based in Nigeria before he died on 10th January 2005 together with his only daughter Kimberly in a motor accident.

The reason i am telling you these is because since Mr. Klose died, a lot of letters and faxes has been coming to me his personal assistant to inform the next of kin to the late Mr. Klose for the collection of $15 million (Fifteen million united states dollars) which is his balance for one of the road construction contract he executed for the Nigerian government.

But late Mr. Klose has no next of kin he died together with his only child Kimberly who is the next of kin.

I have lived with him for about 20 good years and he lost his parents when he was a small boy. Mr. Klose generation is finished. But nobody knows his history apart from me his trusted personal assistant. He told me everything about his life before he died.

So this is what i want the both of us to do immediately, i will present you as the next of kin to Mr. Klose I have all documents and files of my late Boss which will cover you up fully as the next of kin.

The contract bank is waiting for me to inform the next Of kin of late Mr. Klose for him or her to contact the bank for them to release the $15 million united states dollars to the next of kin.

Whomever i present as the next of kin, will be given the money but only with my approval. It is only myself the personal assistant that can produce the next of kin. This is a quick and sweet business if only you will cooperate with me there is nothing to fear in this business since i am involved.

The last letter the bank wrote to me was that if i cannot inform the next of kin, to contact them for the collection of the $15 million, that the funds will be sent into their government account and it will be used to purchase arms for their soldiers.

i am just coming back from a meeting with the bank manger before writing you this letter, i told them that the next of kin will contact them very soon for the collection of fund.

So i want the both of us to do this business together and collect the $15 million dollars when the fund is collected we must remove 10% of the total amount and give to charity homes then yourself and myself will now share the remaining equally 45% for you 45% for me.

please do not tell anybody what i just wrote to you for security reasons and for the safety of the business.

Please If you will do this business with me send me your full name, address and telephone number so that i can reach you.

I await to hear from you as soon as possible.

Chris Ike