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Friday, September 21, 2007


From: Tony Mensah -

Attn Please,

Having read from international news, I understood that due to betrayal of trust from some deceiptful Africans, it is not difficult these days for one to listen or even pay attention to mail mostly from West Africa. Sincerely speaking, this had been a burden an worry some to me in writting this message to you long ago, wonderring what you will think when receives this message from me being an African, and having not met me before.

With due respect, I am Mr Tony Mensah. Please I would want you to take me by my words. I am not a man of doubtful character. It is only nature that move me to contact you,if not, i wonder what will make me to write you in life. I am a banker,with 19 years of banking experience. Just early this year, I received an appointment letter from Apex Global Trust and Finance Securities Company, and thereby promoted to the office of of Director, Audit and Account Unit. Few weeks after my promotion, I was also favourrd by God with devine opportunity,which i would want you to be part in this graceful opportunity in working with me.

By the special grace of God, I discovered unclaimed deposit belonging to a foreigner, Late Mr. Arthur Smith of America, with account #AGTFSC/1001/44986-00/tg. Who was among the seven(7) American victims of 12th October 2002 Bali Bombing,out of 202 fatalities. To confirm the incident click this site below:

Since,my discovery, I, personally have watched with kin interest to see any next of kin or beneficiary to this deposit but no one has come up for the claim of usd$14.5m(fourteen million, five hundred thousand united states dollars)which has being in our security vault for a very long time. On this note, i decided to seek for your noble assistance to help me come for the release and transfer of this fund into any of your nominated bank account abroad. In the sense to make you the beneficiary to this unclaimed deposit. As no one both friends and relatives has come up as the next of kin to this deposit and our banking ethnics here does not allow such deposit to stay more than Five years, because after Five years the money will be confiscated into the nation's treasury as an unclaimed deposit.

In view of this, I got your contact during my thorough search for reliable partner, who will not takes an advantage of my active service with the security compnay, after which i was convinced of your person to move this transaction with you as a foreigner, The request of the foreigner as a next of kin in this business is occassioned by the fact that, the customer was a foreigner and a togolaise can not stand as the next of kin to a foreigner. I have agreed to share this money with you in the mutual understanding of 65%/35%. You keep 35% while i keep 65%, How about that? Thereafter i will visit your country for mutual sharing between both of us upon the transfer transfer of the funds. Bear in mind also that i would like to invest my own part of the share in your country. As i am almost due for retirement.

For us to proceed towards this transaction, you have to send an application text to the security company as the next of kin to their deceased customer. I will send you a text of application which you shall re-type and send to the finance house, Upon your response to this mail. Less I forget,bear in mind that this business is hitch free and that you should not entertain any fear as the whole required arrangment has been perfected for the successful claim and transfer of this fund.

Best Regards,
Mr Tony Mensah.

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