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Friday, September 21, 2007

From Godwin Christopher

From: Godwin Christopher -

From Godwin Christopher,

With due respect for your privacy, I wish to introduce my humble self to you. I am the Only son of Dr.Hyginus Christopher who was a political bulldozer in Sierra Leone was assasinated by his Political opponent on 3rd of February 2007. may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen.

My Late father Dr.Hyginus Christopher who was also former Assistant Director of Mineral Resources in Sierra Leone, because he did not support the current Government, assasins invaded my late father's residential house at mende District while he was away from the Capital city freetown for a village meeting and killed him.

Before his last speech in the Hospital, he disclosed to me of a large sum of US$20.5 Million in cash which has been moved and lodged into a security & finance corporation in Abidjan Ivory Coast through diplomatic channels in one trunk box tagged family valuables for security reasons, this money which my late dad made during his tenore in Government is 100% risk free

Today I am in Cote D' Ivoire I now want to move this money abroad and invest it in profitable ventures, as the time is now ripe for such move.

Where i need your assistance 1.Firstly to assist me claim this consignment from the security company as my late fathers foreign partner and have the money paid into your nominated account.

2. To assist me invest the money in a profitable business ventures in another country and i continue my education under your care.

For your kind assistance you will get 25% of the total amount and 5% for any expenses you make, both telephone calls, fax/emails or any other money spent during the transfer of this fund into your nominated account.

Upon your response and acceptance to assist me, I will give you further details concerning this transaction but you must treat this transaction as highly confidential for my security reasons.

Best Regards
Godwin Christopher
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