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Thursday, March 08, 2007



FROM: MRS LYCEE LEONBALIBREVILLE GABONCENTRAL AFRIQUE My Dear. I am MRS LYCEE LEONBA the wife of Late MR NZAMBA LEONBA who was shot by unknown political motivated gun men in our Libreville home on 21st of march 2001 in my present and it was just a sad day for me since then my family has never seen peace of mind and recently the same people terrorizing my family struck again killing my only son in cold blood and I just told the lord to revenge for me for I do not know what I have done wrong but I earlier warned my husband about politics but he will never listen but now he has caused me the happiness of my life. As I am writing this letter to you I am crippled and I depend on crutches to walk and I am not feeling safe at all and every night I sleep with fear for God to bring me a messiah to assist me to move out of this place for safety as I have no child and husband again for I do not know the killers next target but God forbid I will never die in the name of God. I got
your contact from the Director of importation and exportations of goods and services here in Gabon, who is my church member. Before my husband death he has about $8.9m usd deposited in a firm here in libraville, Gabon. please I honestly plead for your assistance to help me to received this little fund in your care so that I can come over to meet you for the sake of my life, kindly help me for my God will also help you in time of need. I will ever be grateful to invest the fund in your country with you as my beloved partner and family friend and I will never ever forget you in my whole life for you would have saved me from the pool of death that is surrounding me now. Please I will honestly compensate you with 20 % of the total amount please by Gods grace. kindly be informed that the whole documents is with me right now and the company where the fund is deposited has been informed and they are waiting for me to present a foreign partner/friend who will receive the fund on my
behalf before my coming to meet you. As I am in tears and fears now but I still strongly believe that tomorrow will be well and better and the Lord that holds my destiny will make me survive, and as you assist me with all your honesty and sincerity this same God will ever bless you and your generation. While I wait for your reply so that I can send to you my full identity for you to know whom you are assisting.Thanks and may almighty God bless you. Yours faithfully,MRS LYCEE LEONBAReply

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