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Thursday, March 08, 2007

it must be well with you

From: ekehinde james -

Devine brotherhood.
Solution and power house.
X7 Temple-nation wide.

You have to live a life where you forget about all the evil's,
pain's, injuries, hatred, and betrayals of yesterday, but live on the
joy, fun, love, peace, and happiness of today.
Remmember, every problem have it's expiring date.Today shall marked the begining to the end of your problem's if you believed.
All these your Pains, Hatred, Betrayals, Injuries,and Every seed of Acedemic backwardness,Sorrow afflicting your possesion, Stagnancy and limitation in your life, Suden destruction and failiure in your buissness,The evil spell placed on you.The evil sacrifices organised for you sake.shall all seized to exist if only you will allow us to help you.

Remmember, the power of life and death is in your tongue.Let us contend with those who contend you, Let us withdraw their sleep and let us invade your life with unlimited
prosperity,complete joy and fufilled life. For He says; ''The thing I have in mind for you are those thing which an eye has not seen nor has ear ever hard about''.
You are not recieveing this mail in error, it marked the end to your problem. e mail us today we will be glad to help you.

Thanks and God bless you
Dr, Devine master Philip

pls very important = send in your prayer's and other request to


Our massage of this week focuses on a sensitive issue that have to
do with sexual drive of a man.

The only platform for sex is marriage. This is why the Bible has two
discription of sex, if the Bible is talking about the rigth kind of sex
within the conte4xt of marriage it uses the word "knew" for example And
"Abraham knew his wife" that is the rigth one. But when it6 is outside
marriage, the wrong knid of sex, it says " And a Man lay with her".
Therefore sex outside marriage open one to spiritual invasion from the
enemy and also it contruct a bad foundation fior marriage.

The womb has a gate which is called virginity, the first person to
break this gate matter alot because a blood convernant is formed
the two involved and it is deeply spiritual.
If a man sleep with a prostitute, demons from the last seven men she
slept with will enter into him and they will be harassing him because
he has slept with their wife. Also any woman that sleep with a loose
is courting trouble, the same thing as in the case of the Man will also
happen to her.

There is a spiritual mystery behind sex; your soul,spirit and body
join together to the fellow you are involved with. Sex is so powerful
that it unite the spirit, body and soul. The only thing that has this
of power is blood convernant. This is why some people find it very
difficult to break away from certain relationship because have become
flesh spiritually and this is why it is dangerous to have many sex
petner's. It fragment a person soul.

Since marriage is a convernant that bind people together for
life,wicked spirit attempt to keep people in bondage forever by having
sex with
them, once they do that, they are joined together and they seek to
marry them off in tghe spiritual realm, such marriage are sources of
problem and misfortune.

Sometimes,these marine spirit, witchcraft spirit and familiar spirit
are not really interested in marriage but in pollutions. They committe
immorality with people in order to pollute them. They act like
spiritual mosquitos spreading evils and unwanted deposit from one
person to
another. They are called spiritual rapist and ther are many of them in
They pollute and initiate people into their fold through the means of
sex in the dream. Here lies Ninety percent of the problems of many
people today.

We have what we called spirit wives and husbans and they are very
destructive.They hate a normal marriage with perfect hatred. Some are
physical that is people can actually see them, they come in form of
being and violate people when they are not asleep. Also victims see
themsevles being excited sexually.

In some case,these victims are conscious that they are being violated
but they cannot see the violator. Some of these spirit spouse are
weicked and violent. I have seen sisters who wake up in the morning
pains in their reproductive organs as a result of the sexual assualt
experinced in the dream. I have also seen male victims who wake up with
violent pains, some of them can even smell the woman they have
intercouse with in their dream, some used the face of other people to
their victims.

There are some families,which have their own family spirit wives and
husbands. They have married everybody in the family. The most dangerous
of all are the internal ones, they wait for their to sleep and they
come out and start their evil assignment on them. They shake away
virtues and prosperity.They cause late marriage or no marriage at all.
They could used poverty, childlessness,fighting,
misfortune,profitless hard work,marital confussion to ensure that there
is no peace in the
home, also protection rigth which some parents acquired for their
childrens can lead to spititual marriage without his or her knowledge.

Participating in cutural dance's sexual pervesion,
flashback,flirting, seduction, lust of the eye, oral sex, and anal
sex.All these open
doors to spiritual husbands and wives to come into your life and cause

Please and pleased if any of the above issue has any thing to do with
your case presently then you have to e-mail us today for your
deliverance and evacuation


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