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Thursday, March 08, 2007


From: Raymond Bell -

Good Day,
My name is Mr. Raymond Bell, the
auditor general of a prime bank located United K,ingdom(UK).There Is an ACC
opened in my ban_k in the year (2000) and since (2003) no one has operated on
this ACC again,after going through some old file in the records I discovered
that if I do not remit this funds out urgently it would be f.orfeited for
nothing. The amount involved is (Thirty Six. Million United States
The owner of this ACC is Mr. Pat Groves, a
foreigne,r and a miner at Mount Resources LTD. a g eologist by profession. He
died since (2003), and no other person knows about this ACC or anything
concerning it. The aACC has no other beneficiary and my investigation shows to
me as well that his company does not know anything about this ACC

I am only contacting you as a foreigne r because the ban k is going
welcome you as a foreigne r that has correct information about the
which I will give to you before we proceed. I need your full
co-operation to
make this work smoothly. If you are capable to handle such an
amount in strict
confidence and trust we will achieve this funds ASAP, I will
also use
my position to influence and affect legal approvals and immediate
transfe,r of this money to your ACC with appropriate clearance from
ministries and foreign xchange department. As soon as the transfer
concluded, you are entitled to 25 percent of the total funds.
I look
forward to your reply ASAP via ( )
Raymond Bell