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Thursday, March 08, 2007

weiteren Unterteilungen

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One of his key associates is thought to be Riduan Isamuddin, also known
as Hambali, who fought the Soviets in Afghanistan. Zacarias Moussaoui,
who is on trial in the US over the 11 September attacks, was also a
business contact of Hambali's, according to the Indonesian's wife.

Mr Pastika said that Amrozi hoped to frustrate investigators by changing
the registration number on the van he bought to carry the larger

The tape was also released just hours after Pakistani jets bombed a
training camp on the Afghan border, believed to be used by foreign

The next piece in the jigsaw appears to have been a plot to blow up the
US embassy in Singapore.

One of the targets in the attack was a Spanish cultural centre, where
four Spaniards were among the dead. I took some consolation in knowing
this mundane and somewhat painful expenditure was at least earning some
free airfare. We took off, skimming over rooftops and a camp for Somali
refugees. He denies any links with al-Qaeda but met Osama Bin Laden in
Pakistan in 1987.

The Pentagon says no official decision has been made on location or
timing. In situations like that, the mileage credit card is a wonderful
way to save money on your next trip. Sometime soon - no one knows
exactly when - the now-empty building will become the focus of world
attention as it hosts the first military tribunals for Guantanamo's

This question was asked of Frances Fragos Townsend, the Deputy National
Security Advisor for Combating Terrorism on Monday. In smart cafes in
the central square there are bistro tables and tottering chairs.

I found myself sandwiched, as if under arrest, between two huge US
marines, weighed down with rucksacks and weapons.

The voice, whose identity cannot be confirmed, names the Jordanian-born
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as "emir" of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

We took off, skimming over rooftops and a camp for Somali refugees.

The devastating attacks on the Sari nightclub and Paddy's Irish bar took
place on the night of the 12 October. There has, of course, been
speculation that there will be particularly strenuous efforts to find
Bin Laden in the run-up to the US presidential election in November. He
has seven countries to watch over, from Sudan to Somalia. He could face
up to seven years in jail. Deutsche News rund um die Uhr. In a videotape
released last month, Zawahri said the defeat of US-led forces in Iraq
and Afghanistan was only a matter of time. Here are some budget tips for
seeing the Chinese capital.

We circled twice over a solitary ship, tilting so steeply I found myself
looking vertically downwards at the sea.

They will have plenty to chew over. One example is Jemaah Islamiah in
Indonesia which has increasingly attacked international targets but is
relatively independent of al-Qaeda.

"The ultimate goal is to allow families who have no access to lawyers to
get access to them. Forty-five people died in the Casablanca blasts,
which the Moroccan authorities blamed on an ultra-conservative Islamist
group said to have links with al-Qaeda. The US-led invasion of Iraq
takes place the following month. DVD-O-thek: DVD Neuerscheinungen DVD
Neuerscheinungen auf www. The source of the intelligence was - there
were multiple reporting streams that came together in such a way to give
us real, grave concern.

The new, younger generation of militants may only have tenuous - if any
- links to the al-Qaeda core. On deck, through a bulkhead and down a
steel corridor, I was ushered in to meet the two-star general in

This loose connection between groups has raised a question of

"In many areas there are unflashy but important successes to report," he

We took off, skimming over rooftops and a camp for Somali refugees. But
are travelers actually paying those low prices?

Pakistan has recently increased its campaign against Islamic militants.
Some may stand trial soon