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Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear Friend I anticipate your mail

From: Hector Henk -

From The Desk Of;
Barrister Hector Henk.
Solicitor at law.

Dear Friend I anticipate your mail.

I wish to introduce you to a successful business transaction that will benefit both of us, and this transaction has to be kept with trust, honesty and confidential.

I am Barrister Hector Henk, an international Lawyer based in Africa. I have official task in one of the banks in Africa concerning the death of my client and his Estate. On my queries to the bank for release of my client's fund, the Bank needs urgent attention from me for prove on my request for the release of the fund. On this regard I decided to contact you since he is a national of your country.

My client is a national of your country who died early last year with his wife and their only two children in auto crash on their way to Lome, leaving behind a huge sum of (Great Britain) G.B Pound Sterling in the bank, but he did not appoint any one as his next of kin before this ugly incident. I ask for your consent as the next of kin to my late client since you are from same country with him, With your kind assistance and my professional counsel we will get right of entry to claim this fund without any quandary at all, meanwhile; I have agreed to give you 30%. I look forward to hear from you instantaneously. For the procedures, reply me through my Email Address:

Also Send your telephone number including your residential address, age and occupation, so that I will proceed to Federal High Court of Justice to procure the original affidavits of true next of kin which I will submit to bank in your favor and I want you to know that this transaction is risk free because of it's nature, I am reputable and notable to handle this. I will notify you with further information and mode of execution in this transaction as soon as I hear from you.

Best Regards.
Barr. Hector Henk (Esq.)

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