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Monday, October 29, 2007


From: curt gasteyger -

My name is Curt Gasteyger, an executive member of Independent Committee of Eminent Persons (ICEP), Switzerland. Reference the website below for confirmation.

ICEP is charged with the responsibility of finding bank accounts in Switzerland belonging to non-Swiss indigenes, which have remained dormant since World War II.
It may interest you to know that In January 13 2005, the Swiss Banker's Association published a list of dormant accounts originally opened by non-Swiss citizens. These accounts had been dormant since the end of World War II (May 9, 1945). Most belonged to Holocaust victims.
The continuing efforts of the Independent Committee of Eminent Persons (ICEP) have since resulted in the discovery of additional dormant accounts -2700 in july, 2005.
The published lists contain all types of dormant accounts, including interest-bearing savings accounts, securities accounts, safe deposit boxes, custody accounts, and non-interest-bearing transaction accounts. Numbered accounts are also included. Interest is paid on accounts that were interest bearing when established.
The Claims Resolution Tribunal (CRT) handles processing of all claims on accounts due non-Swiss
citizens. A dormant account of NEUMANN ECKSTEIN with a credit balance of 11,000,000 US dollar plus accumulated interest was discovered by me. The beneficiary was murdered during the holocaust era, leaving no WILL and no possible records for trace of heirs. The Claims Resolution Tribunal has been mandated to report all unprocessed claims for permanent closure of accounts and transfer of existing credit balance into the treasury of Switzerland government as provided by the law for management of assets of deceased beneficiaries who died interstate (living no wills).
Many people who have full records of their relatives bank details have successfully claimed their inheritance and paid in full. List of claimants who have been paid are listed on the website for verification. Visit the website below to see the list of claimants who have been paid:
Being a top executive at ICEP, I have all secret details and necessary contacts for claim of the inheritance with no encumberance. The money will be banked in the Carribean Islands, being a tax free, safe haven for money and we can share it and use in investment of our choice.

Due to the sensitive nature of my job, I need a foreigner to HELP process the claim as the beneficiary. All that is required is for you to provide me your details for processing of the necessary legal, and administrative claim documents for release of the inheritance claim to you through a bank in the Carribean Island.
The banks in Caribbean Islands have internet banking and telephone banking facility with electronic wire transfer feature through the internet and also anonymous ATM debit card. All these features mean additional security and convenience, so that you can stay in your country and retrieve the claims easily and effortlessly.
Due to expenses which i will incur, i will take 60 percent and you will receive 40 per cent of the total amount. THERE IS NO LIENS, ENCUMBERANCES OR PROBLEM INVOLVED.
You can find additional information about unclaimed money through the internet at the following
The Holocaust Claims Processing Office has allocated the money for payment to the beneficiary
awaiting submission of valid claims for necessary disbursement. I find myself priviledged to have this information and this is a great opportunity for a life time of success.
For increased privacy, please do not fail to reply me via email for security reasons

Thanks once more for co-operating,

Curt Gasteyger.

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