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Monday, October 29, 2007



Dear Sir/Madam

FIRST,I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction and I
pray that my decision to contact you will be given a genuine approval
considering the fact that we have not known each other before.I am seeking
a faithful, sincere and reliable foreigner who will assist me in investing
my late father's fortune in the amount of Twenty Nine Million, Three
Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand USD(US$29,325.000.00)

My father was the former Chairman of Gold and Diamond Mining
Incorporation, on till one day my parents and two of my siblings were
killed by rebels in my family house in Sierra-Leone. Before then, my
father had successfully transfer the money to Ghana and lodged the money
in a Private Security Company in Accra-Ghana as a family precious items to
avoid the officials of the security company from raising eyebrow . I am
the only survivor of my family and the documents giving to me by my late
father indicate that i am the next of Kin and have the right to make the

I can not handle this transation all by myself, i therefore decide to
search foreign business directory where i found your contact so i decide
to send you this message to seek your assistance to stand-in for me as my
late father's foreign business partner and investor, to claim the funds
out from the Security Company as the beneficiary and transfer the funds
under your care to overseas. You will also be required to assist me in
investing the money into valuable business ventures in abroad and for all
this i am offering you 10% of the total funds as reward.

Now i am alone in this strange country suffering without any care or help,
without any relation, i am now like refugees and orphan. The only hope
left, base on the funds. Please i really need your assistance urgently.
Note that you stand no risk at all in assisting me to conclude this
transaction because the money is legitimately my family fortune. Moreover
you are not going to pay any taxes in your country because the whole total
money is sealed in the trunk box before my late father make the deposit,
and that is how the box will be withdrown and ship out of here to your

Me and you will be the only person to open the box because the box have
keys and the keys are also with me. However, if you are interested in this
transaction kindly advice me as soon as possible.

This is my e-mail address, ( At time go's, me and
you will have a code to identify our selfs.

My regards

Ken Kamokai