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Monday, October 29, 2007

Please can you help me in this time of need

From: Djennie Hineghea -

Rue7 AV2 Trenchville,
Abidjan. Cote D'ivoire.

Dearest one,
Grace and peace be multiplied unto you.
I know my mail might be a surprise to you but never mind because I am contacting you in good faith. However, accept my sincere apologies if it doesn't meet your personal ethics, though there are certain times in one's life that whether or not one indicates interest for certain assignment , people would still look up to him/her for assistance.

I am Ms. Djennie Hineghea Idris the widow of Late Engr. Roberts Idris, who used to be the Chairman of Sierra Leone Diamond and Gold Mining Corporation.
He and six others were charged for complicity in the coup that kept Alhaji Tijan Kabbah out of power for seven months. After three and half years in military detention camp my Husband was announced dead by the government special press release.Though, I do not know to what extent you are familiar with events and crisis in Sierra-Leone.
However, during the disturbances and prior to my Husband's death, he informed me of some documents meant for a secret deposit he made in a Security/Reserve company in Abidjan.
(The following are the documents:
(i)Certificate of deposit (ii)Agreement of deposit (iii)Receipt of deposit payment )
The deposit is worth Seven Million Three Hundred Thousand US Dollars ($ 7,300,000) in cash, concealed and secured in a trunk box placed under privilege deposit and declared as Family Valueable property.
Also in the deposited are 16.3 carat uncut white diamonds and a yellow 28.3 carater.

According to my Late Huband who was known to have discovered Kashmir Sapphire in Sierra Leone, part of the money was paid to the corporation by it's overseas customer in the heat of the Sierra Leonean crisis. My Husband made the deposit and instructed the security company that his foreign partner will come for the claim in the process of time. Well, since his partner never showed up before he died, he instructed me to seek for a foreigner who will stand as his partner to assist me retrieve the consignments and tranfer them abroad for me to use for profitable ventures and a new life.
At present, i'm residing in Abidjan for safety reasons under refugee status, however, at present there's political uprising here in the country and the Northern Region has been seized by a separatist rebelious group that are also causing disturbanses in the commecial capital where i live and i've gone to the security company to confirm the deposit and establish ownership as (next of kin), but I was advised that I should do that in co-operation with my husband's foreign partner before they release the box to me.
Right now, I need your assistance urgently in moving this fund abroad. When the fund is eventually retrieved, we will jointly invest in high yielding stock and business on your advice in your country.
Based on the experience i suppose you posses living in a developed economy, I believe with that esteem knowledge in the business world my money will be properly channeled in a viable/profitable business venture.
Your urgent reply indicating your interest and willingness to help me will in no small measure relieve me of further carefull search for a reputable foreign partner to assist me.
Please i want you to also treat this transaction as confidential, as my hope of survival is placed on this money.
I want to hear from you, kindly respond in good faith.
Peace be unto you
Yours sincerely,

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DELETE button is history. Unlimited mail storage is just a click away