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Monday, October 29, 2007

Strictly Confidential

From: MrsFaith Melibe -

Dear Friend,

I would like to start by introducing myself as Mrs. Faith Melibe,the manager credit and accounts department Intercontinental Bank PLC. I write you in respect of a foreign customer with a/c number 14-215-2001/ict/ng. who is an oil Merchant/Contractor, who died since AUGUST 6, 1997 in [Korean Air Flight 801] with the whole passengers on board.And for your perusal you can view this web site:

Dear, since the demise of this our customer Mr.Burke Sean, an oil Merchant/Contractor here in Lagos. I have kept a close monitoring of the deposit records and accounts since then no body has come to claim the money in this a/c as next of kin to the late Mr.Burke Sean, has only $10.5mllion in his a/c and the a/c is coded it is only an insider that could produce the code or password of the deposit particulars.

As it stands now, there is nobody in that position to produce the needed information other than my very self considering my position in the bank, Since nobody has come for the claims of the deposit as next of kin, I seek for your co operation to use your name as the next of kin to the diseased to send this funds out to a foreign offshore bank a/c for mutual sharing between me and you, already I have removed the deposit file from the safe by this doing, what is required from you is to send an application seeking claims of the deposit as next of kin to the late Mr.Burke Sean. I will send you specimen of application as soon as you confirm your readiness to assist me move the funds out of the vault of our bank.

Note: the banking rules and regulations in this country does not allow such deposit to stay more than Ten years as an expatriates a/c , if the deposit stays more than told Ten years the funds will be sent to the Togolese government a/c as unclaimed deposit.

In view of this development I beg for your assistance and full co-operation to come and lay claimed to this deposit as thenext of kin,there is no risk involve in this deal as you will be equipped with all vital information of the deposit and the a/c. your country of origin does not matter, what matters is you as the next of kin having all necessary information to back up your claims. Note that all modalities for a hitch free transaction has been perfected from my side I will supply you with all the a/c particulars. I will need your full name and Address Company or residential including your phone/fax number so that I can computerize them totally with next of kin column in the certificate of deposit.

Finally I want you to understand that the request for a foreigner as the next of kin is occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and for that only reason a local cannot represent as next of kin. I have agreed to share this money with you in the mutual understanding of 40%/60%you keep 40 while I keep 60. You have merited this percentage because you will provide the a/c where we shall finally transfer the funds into on a successful claiming of the deposit. My 60% will remain in the a/c pending my arrival in your country for disbursement and subsequent investments. Lastly for the immediate take off of this transaction you have to confirm your willingness and readiness to assist me retrieve this deposit, then I will send to you by fax or e-mail the application text and other vital information you need to know about the deposit.

I assure you of 100% risk free transaction.

I wait to hear from you. God bless!
Yours respectfully

Mrs.Faith Melibe