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Monday, October 29, 2007

please help me with the name of almighty God

From: togar yeane -


My name is Togar Yeane, I am the son of Joseph Yeane from the Republic
of sierra Leone.My family and I have been unfortunate to find
caught up in a very difficult situation. You may be surprise to
receive this letter, but it is of utmost importance to me and my
I am about to entrust my destiny and the destiny of my whole depends
you, if you can help me, it will also be of immense benefit to you
too. This matter demands utmost trust, honesty, integrity and most

It is only through the above that my family and I will be assured of
our security. This regrettable situation led to the killing of my
and my only sister and displacement of my family. During the brutal
civil war in my country, my late father of blessed memory was brutally
murdered by the REBELS - Mr. Foday Sankoh.

I managed to escape to this country (Accra-Ghana), through the help of
the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Before my late father's
death, he drew my attention to one of his access containing some large
amount of dollars which he smuggled out at the start of the war to a
security company in Ghana, the security company does not know the real
contents of the box according to what my father told me.

My father registered the property in my name, he also gave me the
certificate of deposit and some other papers issued to him by the
company, which I still have in my possession. The problem I have is
as a refugee, the immigration law does not allow us to open, hold or
operate bank account in Ghana and I do not want to seek the assistance
of just anybody for fear of being duped or defrauded of our only
my father deposited the property in my name because of my future. I
seriously need your help to move the property out of Africa because if
tamper with it here in Africa, government may seize it because of my
small age, I am 21 years old now, please help me for God sake.

What is holding me here in this country is the property, the life
inside refugee camp is not easy, it a very bad situation,
hence the
British Government and UN is not really taking care of us. The
property and
I have make necessary arrangement legitimately for the transfer of the
property out of Africa; only what I need is someone who will receive
it in abroad that is why I contact you.
I intend to invest the money on a good business, at the same time we
will use part to assist the orphanage Child who are suffering, most
especially we the refugees. I will be looking forward to hear from
you, as I
believe that destiny has brought us together.

Kindly email me back to:


Togar Yeane.

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