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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Morning

From: Lugard Zhanga -

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Lugard Zhanga This mail may come to you as a surprise base on the fact that, we have not met .

I got your contact from a directory in search for a reliable personality that could understand our situation to help us.

I am a Zimbabwe citizen presently taking refugee in GHANA. Due to crises in my country coupled with the assassination of my late father MR Desmond Zhanga who was killed by PRESIDENT ROBERT MUGABE war veteran association who are calling for the white collection of farm land from all white settlers which is wrong.

My father due to his stand over these issues fell out with the ruling party of PRESIDENT ROBERT MUGABE. Now myself and my kid sister and my mother had to flee from our country to find refuge here in GHANA.

Before the death of my father he was a major dealer of Diamond and Merchandise.

He secretly moved these funds acquired from various sales in a trunk-box and deposited it in a security deposit company in ACCRA-GHANA But at the time of deposit he told the security company that it is family valuables that are contained in the TWO (2)trunkboxes.

The total amount contained in the boxes is $20 MILLION USD. unknowingly to the security company.

We need a trust worthy and experience person that will help us to invest this money in your country and take us as one family and will also buy a house for us over there where we can live safely.

We are prepared to give you 20% of the money for that assistance.

Weare expecting to hear from you. waiting you for your anticipated cooperation.

Should you be interested please send me your,
1,Full names,
2,private Telephone and Fax number.
3,current residential address,

And I will prefer you reach me on my private email address below:
( and finally after that I shall provide you
with more details of this operation.

Best Regards,
MR Lugard Zhanga