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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


From: susan momodu -

I do recognize the surprise this mail may bring to you, considering the fact that it came from a stranger, please be rest assured that it comeswith best of intentions.My name is Mrs. Susan.Momodu, wife of the late former Special adviser to the former military president of Sierra Leone Major Johnny Koroma. My husband was a key officer of President Koroma's inner caucus officers.

I believe you may have heard all over the news some time ago then on BBC and CNN about the various coup attempts to overtrow President Koroma's regime, which led to a civil war between Koroma's administration and the West African Allied Forces (ECOMOG).

During that war, President Koroma depended heavily on foreign earnings generated from our countries booming Diamond trade and plenty of money and arms that he received from secret sponsors/countries who supported his regime to fight the opposition forces and remain in power. All the money and daimonds were kept by President Koroma in his presidential villa,because our entire country's banking systems had collapsed as a result of the war. As the war progressed,it became obvious that Koroma's faction were going to loose the war to the opposition Forces, so most of the Korona's followers had to flee from Sierra Leone for the safety of their lifes.

It was survival of the fittest, so they shared all the Diamonds and money remaining in their custody. My husband moved his own share of the money out of Sierra leone to one security Company for security reasons while he use my name as the next of Kin, because our banking systems were destroyed. We then, Move the money somewhere in Dakar Senegal, Which i will give you all the Security company contact were this Fund is been Deposited.

before we escaped to South Africa for asylum.My husband died of heart attack after several months on exile, and since then i have been left alone to take care of my entire family. I contacted you because i am now making plans to move my husband's money out of THE SECURITY COMPANY WERE IT WAS DEPOSITED FOR SAFE KEEPING. to some one oversea country so that i and my family will come and join the person after this money have been claim from whom so ever that God will use to help me out. While we can start to utilize this money.

I have arrangements to move the money safetly out SECURITY COMPANY to Whom so ever that will give me 100% asure of not cheating on me, cos this money is the onlything that left for me and my family to keep on with life. so i will not in any way like to lose this fund,cos if i get to lose i will hang my self and my blood will be on the head of whom so ever that will let me lose it.

But i know that the God whom i serve will never let me down, cos before i take this step i have fast and pray over it before contacting you.and i belive in me that God must surely use you and help me out. As I need you to assist me make plans for safe keeping and good investments. I am willing to offer you some part of the money for you assistance, as We have $28 Million Dollars .

My dear, I need to know if you can work with me, so that I can give you more details of my arrangements.Please endevour to keep all my discussions about this money confidential to ensure that we have 100% smooth movement of the money.

Mrs. Susan Momodu.

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