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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I need your honesty to work with you

From: prince taylor -

FROM MR PRINCE TAYLORDIRECTOR INCHARGE OF AUDITING AND ACCOUNTING UNIT,CONTINATAL. BANK,COTONOU-BENIN REPUBLIC. DEAREST, Pleasure writing to you at this moment of the day, Iam MR PRINCE TAYLOR, the director incharge of auditingand accounting Unit of Continatal. Bank inCotonou-Benin Republic. I deem it fit to contact youregarding to a transaction that will favour both of usat the end, and i got your contact in my search for areputable and reliable person to help me claim thefund in question. We discovered the sum of $ 9 million United StatesDollars (USD 9 Million) belonging to a deceasedcustomer of this bank. The fund has been lying in asuspence account without anybody coming to put claimover the money since the account owner late Mr.Mohamed Mohd from libanon, who was involved in theDecember 25th Benin plane crash. Here is the air crash website= said fund is now ready for transfer to a foriegnaccount whose owner will be portrayed as thebeneficiary and next of kin to the deceased customerof the bank. The foriegn account owner will impost himself as thenext of kin to the deceased and respond positivelylike a true next of kin who wishes to speed up therelease and transfer of his inherited fund. If theover due fund if not claimed by the end of nextquarter, the government of the Federal Republic ofBenin will take over the ownership of the fund in linewith the Federal Edict Act of 1979. We do not want thegovernment to take over the ownership of this money,that is why I contacted you for us to do the dealtogether, so that we will portray you as the bonafidenext of kin to the deceased whose name is Mr. Mohamedmohd. If you accept to carry out this project with us, wewill offer you 40% of the total sum, while I and mycolleagues involved will take 60% of the total sum.Upon your acceptance to do this deal with us, we willjointly effect the transfer within eight working days.Be rest assured that, this transaction carries no riskand no extra responssibilities on your part, exceptthe above mentioned roles and normally you will berequired to maintain absolute information and absolutesecrecy throughout the duration of this transaction,because discussing it with a third party mightjeopardise the entire transaction.
following informations below will be need from you:

1). Your Full Name,Home/office address2). Your reachable Telephone/Fax number for our easiest subsiquent communication.

I am looking forward to receiving your interestingresponse on this project as this will greatly enrichthe both of us at the end. please You may contact methrough my private email: (

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