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Wednesday, October 10, 2007



FROM THE DESK OF MR ZUMA_HAZANMANAGER AUDIT AND ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT BANK OF AFRICA( B.O.A ) BURKINAFASO W/AFRICA I am Mr Zuma_Hazan, Manager Audit Accounting Department BANK OF AFRICA( B.O.A )I would like to know if this proposal will be worth while for your acceptance. I have a Foreign Customer,Manfred Hoffman from Germany who is an Investor, Crude Oil Merchant and Federal Government Contractor that was a victim with Concord Air Line, flight AF4590 killing 113 peole crashed on 25 July 2000 near Paris leaving a closing balance of Twelve Million Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($12.8m) in one of his Private US Dollar Accountthat is been managed by me as the Customer's Account Officer. Base on my security report, these funds can be claimed without any hitches as no one is aware of the funds and its closing balance except me and the customer (Now Deceased) therefore, I can present you as the Next of Kin and we will work out the modalities for the claiming of the funds in accordance with the law. If you are interested, Please call me to discuss in further details and our sharing ratio will be 60% for me and 30% for you.while 10% will be for the neccesary expenses that might occur along the line. +22676642303 Thank you, Sincerely Zuma_Hazan. N.B.In other for you to beleive me honestly try and go through this (website)before you start with me. Below is the website. (
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