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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Await Your Response Urgently

From: Union Bank of Nigeria Plc -

Patrick Onyembu
Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
Lagos Nigeria

Dear Friend,

I am Patrick Onyembu Branch Manager Union Bank of Nigerian
Plc; I have an urgent and very profitable business
Proposition for you that should be handled with extreme

On January 12, 1997 a Consultant and contractor with the
British Water Corporation Mrs. Wendy Bunten by name made a
Numbered time Fixed Deposit for twelve calendar months
Valued at US$20.9M (Twenty Million, Nine Hundred thousand
United States Dollars Only) in my branch.

Upon maturity I sent a routine notification in accordance
With the Bank Policies to his forwarding address but got
No reply. After a month we sent a reminder and finally we
Discovered from his contract employers British Water
Corporation that Mrs. Wendy Bunten died in the Korean Air
Flight {801}, which crashed in Guam , on August 6, 1997 .

On further investigation, we found out that he died
Without making a Will and all attempts to trace his next
Of kin were fruitless. I therefore made further
Investigations and discovered that Mrs. Wendy Bunten did
Not declare any next of kin or relations in his entire
Official documents including his Bank Deposit paperwork in
My Bank.

This sum of US$20.9M has been carefully moved out of my
Bank to a Financial and Security Company for safekeeping.
No one will ever come forward to claim it and according to
The Law of My country, at the expiration of 10 years the
Money will revert to the Ownership of the British
Government, if nobody applies to claim the Fund.
We decided to contact you to assist me receive his money
For safe Keeping and investments on his behalf as
Everything will be taken over by the government as
Provided in section 129 sub 63(N), Africa Banking Edit of

This prompted us to contact you. We want to front you as
The next of kin of our late client thereby making you the
Legal beneficiary of the sum of $20.9 million U.S Dollars
Presently I have moved the fund to HSBC BANK in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia .
I contacted you because it is against the civil service
Code of ethics to own and operate foreign accounts and
Your assistance would be needed to claim the money in the
Financial and Security Company the Transaction is 100%
Legal and totally free of risks as all modalities has been
Perfected to ensure the hitch free success of

Upon my receipt of your reply confirming your willingness
To assist me of this transaction, I will immediately
Arrange and transfer all the rights of ownership of this
Fund to your name to facilitate your easy clearance and
Transfer of the complete funds to your country.
You have nothing to worry about, as I will be there to
Assist you in anyway necessary with all proper
Documentation. If you are interested, send all possible
Suggestions and interest. Reply as soon as possible so
That we can proceed.

I Await Your Response Urgently.
Yours Faithfully,
Patrick Onyembu