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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Business ProposalJoint Venture


Re: Business Proposal/Joint Venture
I run an international Business Promotion and Consultancy firm and I got your contact through the internet in my quest for a foreign investment for one of my clients.
My client is the wife to former president of Cote d ivoire Mr Robert Guehi she deals on petroleum products, sHe also used to deal (buy and sell) in diamonds from Republic of Congo (former Zaire) before international ban was placed on independent marketers . Hence she decided to stop this diamond business and diversify her investment portfolio by investing abroad in different sector on partnership basis.
Now she wants to invest in U.A.E because of its rising economy
The followings are her laid down specifications for your consideration and immediate attention:
1. Investment capital up to USD $9.5million
2. Area of interest - real estate, hotel, transportation, civil construction, industries, and fisheries.
3. Interested party should be willing to receive his project manager and personal assistance in Dubai to work out the investment modalities and if all things being equal she shall come to U.A.E to sign agreement with you that will protect her bussiness interest before she releases and remit the investment capital to the designated account for the project .
Please kindly note that you need not reply if you are not satisfied with the above conditions as my client will prefer to deal with somebody serious as the entire management and running of this venture will be the person's responsibility, because it will not be possible for my client to be physically present most of the times in view of her time consuming commitments with her other business .
Kindly give this proposal an urgent attention, as my client needs this information as soon as possible. My contacts are:
tel +22997267845
I look forward to your immediate response.
Sincerely Yours,
Managing Director