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Sunday, October 14, 2007


From: Amaranta Igor -

My dear,

I am sending you this mail in tears as my last option to save my son's future. You may wonder so many things in your mind, how I got your email, if I am out of my mind and so many other things. Well, I am writing you this mail as the last option i have.

First, I am Mrs Amaranta Igor, I am from a little Island called Benin Republic. You can not imagine that i am sending you this mail from a hospital in my sick bed. I have a chronic cancer for so many years now. My beloved husband was poisoned by his two brothers because of his wealth. They and my husband are from the same father and not the same mother. Well i need not go into details about the family matters.

Few days ago, my doctor called my attention with a sad news after the last diagnostic analysis carried out on my health condition. He said that why he had to tell me the truth was for me to be strong and to know who to hand my son over to. he know the full story of my late husband's
family and all that I am passing through from them. He told me that the cancer has caused a serious damage that has placed my chances of survival to a very low point. He said that i may not live upto three month more.

I have a son of 14years old and I need a responsible person that can adopt him. I can not allow him to grow up in the hands of the people that killed his father and have forcefully taken almost what the father left behind. They will rather suffer him to die for them to have the money
deposited in a fix deposit dollar account. So this is why i am sending you this painful mail in tears, to seek for you kind help to adopt my son. I will hand you over some amount of money deposited by my late husband in a fix deposit dollar account with United Bank Benin
International worth USD22million dollars.

Please i will give you more details as soon as i receive your acceptance to this my painful request.Please give this mail a seriuous attention and keep it as a top secret as my husband's brother do not know about this plan.

I will be waiitng for your earliest reply . May God bless you.
Yours in sorrow,
Mrs Amaranta Igor.

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