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Sunday, October 14, 2007


From: Marcel Kammer -

From; Archbishop Marcel Lamas Kammer, Ouidah, Catholic Cathedral Republique Du Benin Email: Beloved,

Permit me the honour to address you through this message, I am sincerely telling you the truth and nothing but the truth, I am Archbishop Marcel Lamas Kammer from Benin.Republique, I am the Bishop Controlling the Whole Catholic ArchDioceses here in Cotonou Benin.

I am Sending you this Message in Respect to a Pakistanian Citizen Alhaji Abdullah Nabeel, a great Car Dealer in Benin Republique, who Invested the sum of US$10,000.000.00 (Ten Million United States Dollars Only) in a Finance Firm here in Cotonou Benin Republique, Unfortunately, he lost his life in a plane crash here which Happened on December 26 2003 in Benin International airport, Including his family all perished in the crash. You can read more of this news about the crash on visiting the web site.

We are seeking your co-operation to claim this fund as all efforts made both at the Church here and his Fellow Pakistanian Citizens to locate his Relatives Proved abortive. I used to pray for him when he was alive though he was a Moslem but I converted him to Christian Religion. He worshipped with us at the Catholic Church here in cotonou and as a result we developed a Profound Family relationship. Most of his belongings, he left them with me for safe keep, among them, all his Business registration documents, His information with The Finance Firm for his USD 10,000,000.00 Deposit Now that we cannot locate any of his relation, as God directed me we decided that this money be distributed to Charitable homes any where in the world. We are now looking for a trust worthy person or persons who will come and claim this fund and distribute it to charitable homes, the motherless Babies homes, Widows Etc. Considering my position as a Bishop, I cannot go for a claim but will give you all the required Support to see to your claim a success since you would be using this fund for the less Privileged
in Your Country. This is in line with our Meeting at the Church before our contact to you after praying and fasting. You can contact me directly by Email but be Sure when this fund finally
gets to you, you'll use it accordingly as indicated here in this message. This Message is not Just Ordinary. Note, No Body Can Fake this Information therefore this message is for you only.
Keep it Highly Confidential please.

Send Me your Phone Number, Your address and your Full names, if you are Faithful enough to do this .We await your Urgent Response.

Archbishop Marcel Lamas Kammer , Ouidah, Catholic Cathedral Republique Du Benin

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