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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dear Piet

From: Matthew Mordi -

TREAT AS URGENT/CONFIDENTIAL. Pls, With due respect to you, I apologize if the contents hereunder are contrary to you moral ethics. But please treat with absolute secrecy and personal. My name is Mr. Matthew Mordi, Principal Executive Officer, Audit Department, Linkworld Bank International Plc. (LWIP) here in Cotonou, Republic of Benin. During the yearly preliminary in-house auditing of accounts, I discovered an account opened in 2000 and since 2004 has remained dormant and has not been operated till date. The total amount in this account is $11.5M USD Million USA Dollars less accrued interest. Working In-collaboration with the Audit Manager, we decided to investigate this account for more information. We discovered that the owner of this account, a foreigner has died intestate leaving no heirs or next of kin who could make a claim. Presently, we are the only two people in our organization with access to this information andwe have decided to keep it that way and claim the money for ourselves using a third party who will take the place of the deceased (next of kin). We will supply the necessary information on the deceased and ensure that the claim application is giving immediate approval. Documents like the death certificate will be arranged and forwarded to you for onward submission to the bank. The project is risk-free as we will use contacts that hold strategic positions in the bank to effect a successful completion of the project and also ensure that all traces of our mutual involvement are completely wiped off. These presents no problem as all documented evidence will be directly under their supervision. We have earmarked a commission of 25% of the total amount for you. A further 5% will be set aside to cover expenses on both sides, which will include expenses incurred in processing this claim. The remaining 70% you will help us invest in profitable Stocks and Shares in your country. We would like to get your decision to this proposal as soon as possible.Regards,Matthew.Principal Executive Officer,Audit Department, Linkworld Bank Plc, Republic of Benin.
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