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Thursday, October 18, 2007

pls im looking forward for ur reply


I know it might interest you to read from a name/somebody that is strange to you. Well, in a nutshell I need these to be CONFIDENTIAL. I would have called you on phone but I decided to email your first.I got your email during my search for best suitable Mining Company to handle this confidential transaction.

I am Mr. John Charles Taylor, the last son of the former Liberian President Charles Taylor who was until August 15, the President of Liberian. As you may have heard through the international media, my country Liberian has been in war since 1994 my Father assumed office. Recently, the international community mounted pressure on my Father to step down hence that was one of the conditions the rebels gave to lay down their arms. My father but he did not due to the love he has for the country and took political asylum. Recently he was arrested to come to the world court for judgment. My elder brother is as well facing the same charges in a USA court over his involvement in diamond trade to USA and Europe . However, as the last son, I was able to make some money in diamond business for myself .But since we were hurried out of office I was able to smuggle out the cash sum of Nine Million United States Dollars ($9,000,000.00) only .It was deposited with a Bank in South East Asia. !
I was later moved to Dubai under a special arrangement. What I desperately need now is a trustworthy fellow overseas that can take into confidence and providing a reliable genuine Trade or Mining Company where I can invest the fund. This person upon acceptance will be made the beneficiary. Furthermore, the fellow on successful movement of the money out of Malaysian Bank will manage on my behalf the funds. You will keep 10 percent of the total sum for your assistance.

You shall read more news about the crash on visiting this site: ,

I want to also use this medium to request your maximum transparency and honesty during the process of this transaction. I would therefore, for matter of urgency, require from you, your full cooperation by return mail, your willingness based on the facts

Thanking you for you cooperation in advance.
Sincerely yours,
John Charles Taylor