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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Urgent partnership needed from you

From: david -

HelloMy name is Mr.David Nda a banker and an account officer to Henry Tonado a Columbian,who was working with Saipem Company Ltd an Oil Servicing Company located in Porth Harcourt Rivers State in the Oil rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria.Around 2pm Nigerian time on the 27th of September 2007, the Columbian Henry Tonado was killed by militants who tried to abduct him from his office. See this links:, the death of Henry Tonado, he maintained a fixed deposit account amounting to USD$8million with United Bank for Africa and I was his personal account officer.In his mandate form, he entered nobody as his next of kin and the account may never be claimed by anyone.The account has an open beneficiary mandate in the bank's record.I am urgently contacting you so that we can hurriedly claim this money left in the deposit account of the Columbian to be transferred to any foreign
account nominated by you and then share it between us in the shortest possible time. This business is risk free as no other person knows about this account except Henry Tonado, I and the management of United Bank for Africa Plc.If you accept to partner with me in this business, I want you to know that it will require some expenses from us to get the funds claimed in your name. If you are willing and 100% committed to the execution of this project, kindly get back to me so that I give you all the details.We are going to share the money 50-50 if you agree to work with me. All require is your 100% commitment and co-operation as I will make sure that everything will be done in a very legitimate way in other not to breach the laws of my country.I await your urgent response.Regards,Mr David Nda

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