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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Miss Dora Manga Williams

From: miis dora -

Miss Dora Manga Williams Greetings, I am Miss Dora Manga Williams from Sudan. I'm 20 years old, the only daughter of my Late parents Mr & Mrs Manga Williams. I want to ask for your help.I lost my mother at the age of 10 and my father was poisoned to death during his visit to our home town plan by the rebles for not supporting the late V.Persident John Garang group for a family meeting 8 February 2006. Before the death of my late father he told me that he deposited the sum of USD 9.5 Million Dollars,which my name was used as the next of kin . But due to the political crisis problem here and the reason behind my parents death I will not wish to stay here again for now. Papa has 2 three story buildings and a 3 miles of Cotton plantation in our village from where he made his money both as as producer and a produce buyer but all has been confiscated by my late uncle who told me that if i should ask of my late father's properties again he will use the african witch craft to render me useless and make sure that he will infest me with a disease which i will never recover in life again.I am now staying with a Pastor in a village who happens to asisst me.According to our tradition when a man is about to give up in his sickness his immidiate brothers are called to be at his bed side and they ussually lock the door until when he gives up the ghost before they can come out to annouce his pass away.It was during this period that uncle Micheal breaked his personal cupboard and saw the documents of the buildings and the Cotton plantation farm land certificate. Please i am asking for your kind assistance to help me transfer this fund to your country so that i can join you to continue my education which is very important to me and also you can help me in investing the fund in a good and moving business in your country and stay by my side to give me out for marraige to whom i will love and you will give your blessings so as to bring out kids to bear my late parents names I am willing to offer you a good % . Contact me back if you are interested in assisting me,I need your full contact informations (Name,Address and telephone number) I will give you more details on how to bring fruitful of this transfer upon your immediate reply.For now i am in the house of the lord with prayers and melodies unto HimWarmest Regards,Miss Dora Manga WilliamsPLEASE DO KINDLY EMAIL ME HERE (

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