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Thursday, October 18, 2007


From: Anita Adams Johnson -

Dearest Beloved One, WAITING FOR DEATH
Two years of battle with cancer of the breast, i am dying because of cancer. I lost my husband and two months later, was diagnosed with cancer that has already chopped off my right breast and is threatening the left. I am Mrs. Anita Adams Johnson. And i hail from Bouake Local Government Area in the Ivory Coast, i was married to late Mr.Johnson Adams of Utugwang Local Government in Ivory Coast.A Contractor of blessed memory. But life became unbearable for me soon after the death of my husband. Speaking from my sick bed, i narrates ordeal. I lost my husband to death. Soon after his death, just after two months, I observed a lump on my right breast which was later diagnosed to be cancer of the breast. Unfortunately, it has eaten up my breast and threatening the other one. As I talk to you now, my breasts are affected. When I first contacted a private medical doctor, I was treated and I got better but soon after, it came back more severe. Then, I went to see another doctor whom said that i cannot be treated and even with the money that i have that io am going to die no matter how much i treat my self . I am at home now in pains. I am now hoping on anyone whom will help me to transfer the sum of $8.700 Million USD that i inherited from my late husband and use this money for charity since i am not going to be able to use this money any more and Before this cancer will take my life. I solicit the assistance of men and women of good will to help me, so that I can transfer this money out of here for charity and if possible receive medical treatment as soon as possible and without delay before this cancer will take my life. Please if you are willing to assist me indicate your interest by replying soonest.
In Tears and In Great Pain, Thanks and best regards,Mrs.Anita Adams Johnson.
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