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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Request for Partnership

From: MrLee Moonsun -

Dear Friend,

I am making this contact with you based on reliable information available to me courtesy of business index and confirmed by our local chambers of commerce and industry concerning your reputation. Thus I am convinced you
would be capable to provide me with a solution to a money transfer transaction of One hundred and Twenty Eight million, Four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars.

Please note that I would require a measure of guarantee prior to commencement, as I am hoping to build our trust on sincerity of purpose and mutual understanding. Please also do not under estimate the need for total confidentiality throughout the course of this transaction. You may use these links for some information:

Toward the end of my service with Bank of China where I worked for many years, several of my colleagues and I set up companies with which we successfully secured loans for speculation in Hong Kong and Singapore stocks and real estate. We did this because it had dawned on us that we
were paid barely enough to feed our families while top government officials control billions of dollars. The bank along with regulatory authorities from China and Hong Kong started an investigation into the losses of money and as a result a few of my colleagues and I went into hiding and have settled our families and ourselves. Due to our positions as being involved with the initial investigation, we cannot receive this money by ourselves or in our names at this time. Furthermore we had
decided to remove this money and divide it accordingly pending When the investigation dies down. This has occurred and I cannot leave the money unattended for much longer for fear that it might be discovered.
I hereby solicit your assistance to help take delivery of my share of this funds totaling (US$128,400,000.00) into your custody, and you will be adequately compensated with 20% of the sum. Suffice it to say that the total monies involved between my friends and I totaled over Four hundred and eighty five million United states dollars. It is my intention therefore having your understanding and co-operation that you invest 75% of these funds in the United States and Europe in commercial real estate as well as low risk stocks and bonds on my Behalf for a few years while the balance 5% will cater for all local and foreign expenses incurred in facilitating the transfer of this funds. My projection is to conclude transfer of funds latest 14 working days from date of receipt of the following information by email (Your full name and address, your telephone and fax numbers and a brief profile of yourself to assure me of your capability). Our perfected modalities are remittance of stated funds appearing as you or your company's entitlement to your nominated account. The requested information will enable me commence the transaction and the paperwork from here.Please contact me immediately you receive this mail, by signifying your capability and willingness to enable me give you additional details on our proposed course of action for Getting this funds to you 100% risk free.Again I look forward to doing business with you and solicit your utmost confidentiality in this transaction.
Awaiting your urgent reply.

Mr. Lee Moon Sun